Ty Davis Bey

Ty Davis Bey is a Colorfield artist with exhibiting skills and styles in painting, drawing, and sculpture as well as music and fashion.

Ty Davis Bey showed excellent artist vision since an early age. Born in Baltimore. MD and later moving to the tri-state area. He and his family settled down in Orangeburg, SC where his wonder grew and blossomed and soon realized his artistic abilities. Excelling in school every year, being the top of his class and winning awards through high school, he became uninspired with the rules and correctness of scholarly art. Mastering portraits and figurative art, he decided to change paths and set out to innovate the culture.

Having shown his work in New York City, the Shorelines of Connecticut, South Carolina (most notably the famous Piccolo Spoleto in Charleston), as well ArtFields in Lake City and many exhibitions in the metropolitan Columbia, SC. Now in his 30”s, Ty uses a technique he entitled “Evolutionary” in where the paint is applied to the canvas with alcohol or water. This allows the composition to “evolve”, creating a world relative to one’s imagination and consciousness. His work is a symphony, it’s more than just a painting. His psychedelic vibrancy is always a great article to study and the energetic spectrum aims to be truly comforting.